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Mix and match your life.

Choose how you want to live. With everything within your grasp, you have the power. From upscale office space to Utah Valley’s only modern hotel, from boutique name brands to local brands, The Mix is the perfect blend of culture, business and fun.

Are you a corporation looking to land some of the nation’s best young talent? Maybe you’re a boutique national brand or a booming restaurant, or perhaps you’re looking for a hotel in the heart of Utah Valley. You might even be looking to move out of that basement apartment and into a fresh new space. You’ll find a place in The Mix.

The Mix is the gateway to Provo—a young, thriving city with loads of promise. When your business makes a move here, you’ll have access to future leaders and people bound to make a difference. The culture around Utah Valley is prime for a blend of top fitness spots, outdoor brands, and urban fashion. Want to be Provo’s favorite lunch date? Bring your flavor to the table.

It’s a diverse area with people loyal to the brands they love. If you think you’re a brand that would fit well in The Mix, we’d be more than happy to have you.

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